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GTSHOWER Digital Temperature Displayed Handheld Shower Head W1

Product Specifications:
Material: ABS, POM, PC, TPE
Certification: ROSH, ACS, CE
Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
Item Dimensions: 10.52" x 3.26"
Package Weight: 12.7 ounces
Package Dimensions: 10.6" x 6.3" x 1.9"
Item Dimensions:
Item Weight:
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GTSHOWER Digital Temperature Displayed Handheld Shower Head W1

Products Brief:
Exclusive Design: Water temperature displayed on shower surface in big figure in real time. It’s an international version showing temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit right now;
Powered by running water, no batteries needed. With temperature sensor built in, color changes according to water temperature in real time automatically. So you’re able to control the water temperature easier, and avoid scalding skin;
Water Flow is adjustable from 5L/min to 12L/min by switching the water outlet switch;
Works well even under low water pressure, working water pressure: 0.06MPa-0.4MPa; Connect to standard 1/2 hose in minutes, tools-free installation; Hose excluded;
Warranty: 1 year. Longer lifetime than normal shower heads;


Product Description:

World’s only: water temperature displayed on shower surface in real time. 
Technical Parameter: 
1.Working water pressure: 0.06MPa-0.4MPa 
2. Water Flow: 5L/min-12L/min, adjustable 
3.Working water temperature: 1℃-60℃/33.8℉-140℉ 
4.LED light color display: Blue, when water temperature 
Blue, when water temperature below 30℃/86℉ 
Red, when water temperature 30℃-45℃/86℉-113℉ 
Red and blue light flash, when water temperature over 45℃/113℉ 
You’ll know the water temperature range when seeing the color instead of reading the exact temperature digital


It’s an international version which shows temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. Please don’t buy if you cannot bear the Celsius display. The version showing temperature in Fahrenheit will be released soon.

Product Specifications: 
Material: ABS, POM, PC, TPE 
Certification: ROSH, ACS, CE 
Item Weight: 8.8 ounces 
Item Dimensions: 10.52" x 3.26" 
Package Weight: 12.7 ounces 
Package Dimensions: 10.6" x 6.3" x 1.9" 

Special Features: 
1.Adopting digital LED, its color changes according to water temperature, you’re able to control the water temperature easier, and avoid scalding skin, as you can see the warning from the changing color. 
2.It works well even under low water pressure. 
3.No battery needed. Designed with ZSFD generator, it generates electricity by water flow. The bearing system of this generator is made from special anti-friction material. It works well when the temperature rolls are in high speed. 
4.The whole electronic control system is solidified in the body and isolate from outside. It can work under high temperature and humidness, and work in the water. 
5.Designed with ceramics valve block, the water outlet switch will last for a long period. 

Package Includes:
1 x Digital Shower Head
1 x User Manual

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Q:Can I buy online?

A:Online purchase only available in USA.You can place order also in other area.Our representative will contact you.


Q:Are you retailer or wholesales?

A:We’re professional sanitary ware manufacturer.We do the B2B and B2C business both.The price can be very competitive.At present,we run B2C only in USA.


Q:How can I place bulk order?

A:Please send us email or call us.Our professional representative will offer you feedback.


Q: Can I place an order if an item is out of stock?

A: Yes. There may be items that your local area does not have in stock at the time of your order. A sales representative will be in contact to discuss your order and give you an ETA on your items availability.


Q: When can I pick up my product after ordering?

A: A representative from Waltmal will send you email to go through your order and give you information as to when it will be ready for pick up or dispatch.


Q: Do your products come with warranties?

A: Yes. Our warranties cover up to 5 years on selected items.


Q: How much do you charge for delivery?

A: Shipping charges is free in USA.


Q: How will I know that my item has been dispatched?

A: You will receive email confirmation with your dispatch information. This will have the dispatch and delivery information on it.


Q: Do you deliver overseas?

A:Yes,we can ship overseas.


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