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  • Q Do you deliver overseas?

    A Yes,we can ship overseas.
  • Q How will I know that my item has been dispatched?

    A You will receive email confirmation with your dispatch information. This will have the dispatch and delivery information on it.
  • Q How much do you charge for delivery?

    A Shipping charges is free in USA.
  • Q Do your products come with warranties?

    A Yes. Our warranties cover up to 5 years on selected items.
  • Q When can I pick up my product after ordering?

    A A representative from Waltmal will send you email to go through your order and give you information as to when it will be ready for pick up or dispatch.
  • Q Can I place an order if an item is out of stock?

    A Yes. There may be items that your local area does not have in stock at the time of your order. A sales representative will be in contact to discuss your order and give you an ETA on your items availability.
  • Q How can I place bulk order?

    A Please send us email or call us.Our professional representative will offer you feedback.
  • Q Are you retailer or wholesales?

    A We’re professional sanitary ware manufacturer.We do the B2B and B2C business both.The price can be very competitive.At present,we run B2C only in USA.
  • Q Can I buy online?

    A Online purchase only available in USA.You can place order also in other area.Our representative will contact you.